End of March Update

I’ve been pretty busy the past couple of weeks. We had spring break for the kids. I took a day and a half off to be a tourist in my own home town (no kids, yay!!). I was swamped at work because of my time off and preparing for a business trip. I took said business trip. I returned to work on Monday a week behind again, as work didn’t stop just because I was out of town.

Luckily, I’ve learned a few things during my blogging absence…

  1. Being busy makes it really hard to make wise choices and track statistics. It’s a combination of poor planning and not wanting to be bothered. It’s completely doable, it’s just easier to choose to not to. Lazy, I know.
    1. Apathy and boredom are my biggest issues.
    2. Poor planning is next.
    3. It’s not about what tastes good or what I even want, it’s just what’s convenient.
  2. My tracking spreadsheet is on my work computer. When I am not in the office, it’s hard to update my stats.
    1. When I’m not tracking, I’m not trying…
    2. I try tracking some things on my phone, but that’s not nearly as easy and I lose interest quickly.
    3. As of last Friday, my work computer is a laptop.
    4. Once I figure out the VPN and if I can get to my personal data at home, this will no longer be an issue.
  3. Since I do have complete sleep and stress statistics from my UP4 and Spire, I can comment on those areas:
    1. Sleep
      1. I sleep much better in a cold hotel room where I can block out all light, noise, people, etc. I can focus on my Bible study, relaxing, reading, or other mindless stuff. I can also go to bed when I please without any issue. When that happens, I wake up with tons of energy, no trigger point pain, and I’m in a great mood. I still don’t sleep throughout the night, but my sleep quality, especially deep sleep, is much improved. Night 2 was amazing; night 1 was close, but my numbers suffered some from an unnecessary hotel phone call that woke me from deep sleep.
      2. When I allow stress from outside influences to creep back in, my sleep suffers.  Nights 3 and 4 of my business trip were not as good as the first two nights and this appears to be why.
      3. It looks like I am starting to suffer from hot flashes. I get hot at night sometimes at home, but I never made the connection until it started happening in a frigidly cold hotel room. I guess I am that age…
      4. Being around snoring is the worst thing for my sleep. My husband was sick this week and I slept worse than I have in a long time. Sleeping on the couch helped some, but there were still many problems with my sleep. Maybe it’s time to give ear plugs the old college try and not just decide not to because I don’t think they’ll work…
      5. Sleep is most responsible for my trigger point pain. When I sleep well, I feel good. When I sleep poorly, I hurt all over, especially in my back, hips and legs. I don’t know that I see a reason to continue physical therapy until I have sleep under control. 
    2. Stress
      1. Riding my bike makes my “tension” number go crazy. I rode 20-miles in the Tour de Houston and I racked up 132 minutes of “tension”…
      2. My Spire is usually right when it tells me I am stressed or need to take a deep breath. It used to be that I always felt “normal” and didn’t feel like I was stressed. Now that I’ve used the Spire for a month, I am better able to recognize that my breathing is tense.
      3. My “calm” seems to be related to my sleep. When I am sleeping well, I have a higher “calm” value. When I sleep poorly, that number decreases.
      4. Yoga is important for me to remain de-stressed. Once my schedule got complicated, I stopped going to my class, thinking I would practice at home. I am reading a book to get to this point, but I did not take it on my trip. I need to stay focused in this area too.

Well, there you go… That’s my life lessons for the past couple of weeks. I feel like I am learning so much and the consistency will come with continued focus and practice.

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