It’s Yoga Time…

I’ve continued to read more in my Iyengar yoga book and have recently talked to my physical therapist about poses that can treat a particular issue I am struggling with.  There’s also a section in the book on that particular condition, as well as general stress.  I think it’s time to make the practice of yoga my daily fitness, instead of just incorporating only some of its exercises into my routine.

I cannot exercise the way I used to.  It is obvious my body cannot handle CrossFit anymore; running hurts my joints and my lower back; walking is fine, but it doesn’t seem to keep me fit the way other activities do.  As much as I love skating, the time and distance commitment wasn’t working well for my family.  I do hope to return to it at some point, however.  I am currently doing Tae Kwan Do with my youngest son (who outranks me) and so far that’s going well, but it’s not fixing my stress or more personal problem.  I have daily stretches and exercises to do for physical therapy that are rooted in yoga, so why not take it one step farther?

Growing up, my dad regularly practiced yoga and was in amazing shape.  A high school friend of mine and her mother are teachers of yoga and both of them look fabulous!  I think yoga is one of the few exercises that can help me physically, emotionally, and spiritually (and this doesn’t mean I am going to become a Hindi or Buddhist; I am, and always will be, a follower of Jesus Christ).  I think clearing my mind, focusing, and letting the Holy Spirit in will have a larger influence on my life than just increasing my flexibility and balancing my muscles.

I’m going to start with 30 minutes a day (the same amount of time I have been using for daily physical therapy exercises), working on basic poses, as well as those who will alleviate symptoms of stress and this physical condition I am struggling with.  I think this will provide some variety to my PT and will help me restore balance and harmony to my body.  I can’t see any negatives with going down this path, other than I probably should have started sooner.

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