2019 Plan – Starting Soon on a Blog Near You!

Wanted to share my 2019 plans publicly for accountability and to encourage community. I’ve also shared it with my tiny Facebook group, encouraging them to join me.

Here’s the basics. I’ll start with the part that some people may have issue with – fasting. For more information, I recommend “The Complete Guide to Fasting” by Dr. Jason Fung (and the “The Obesity Code”, also by him).

I have done several preliminary fasts that my body has responded well to. I haven’t shared about any of this on my blog yet, but I intend to post all of the details for the initial fasts, as well as this process, sometime during this 90 day period.

For me, I know fasting will give me the jumpstart that I need to make this transition. I’m using this to drop a few pounds of fat (trust me, I have plenty of reserves to sustain me), but more importantly, to change my tastes, my appetite, get my insulin/glucose working as desired, and focus on where I want to go.

Phase two, which is what I will transition to, will look something like a Whole30, plant based with select animal protein, clean eating type protocol. It will be based on several resources I’ve read, but there are several things in “The Blood Sugar Solution” program by Dr. Mark Hyman (that aren’t diet-based) that I really like. It’s not just a food approach, it involves community and getting to the emotional issues behind eating. It’s also a stepped approach so you aren’t starting everything at once. I’ve used Dr. Hyman’s quizzes and journal questions to get started and have watched numerous podcasts by him and Dr. Fung, among others.

90 days is the time frame I am looking at to make a lasting change. This doesn’t mean never eating or drinking things I enjoy again… it’s about changing desires and knowing how to balance poor choices with good ones for lasting change.

I am also sharing the brainstorming of goals and the five 90-day goals I have selected. Sorry they are pictures, I’m old school with a lot of stuff and like paper journaling :).

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