Go-To Foods, 41-50

This post will be more amazing veggies and additional snack food.  I know snack food isn’t a requirement in life, but let’s be honest, we like it.  It’s important for me to read labels and find legitimate junk food.  I have actually bought some great stuff off of Thrive Market, but I am trying to find items in my local grocery store to share.

41.  Broccoli

I never remember if it has two C’s or two L’s, but it doesn’t matter, it’s one of my favorite veggies.  Tons of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.  Not everyone likes the stalks, but I am fine with them.  I also had broccoli rice the other day, and that was fantastic (it may actually get a separate listing, since it was commercially available in the riced form).  My only broccoli caveat – it has to be cooked!  I am not a fan of most raw veggies.  Just be careful when you cook them that you don’t lose all of the nutrients.  Boiling, for example, is not a great way to cook vegetables, as a lot of the good for you stuff ends up in the water.

42.  Cauliflower

Broccoli’s best friend, cauliflower… For some reason, it’s like the ugly friend that most people don’t like, but lately, cauliflower has come into its own place.  Cauliflower rice is fantastic, as is buffalo cauliflower (that’s probably a little less healthy, but it’s still a good first step for incorporating cauliflower into the diet).  I’ve made a delicious cauliflower fried rice (riced cauliflower, like broccoli, may have to be a separate posting because I don’t make mine from scratch).  I’ve also heard about cauliflower crust pizza, but I haven’t had it because I’ve only seen it in prepared foods and they all have dairy cheese on them.  I’ll have to experiment one day and make my own!

43.  Sweet Peppers

I don’t just like hot peppers, I like sweet peppers too, especially roasted red peppers.  These guys come in a varieties of colors and are a great addition to stir fry.  I can tolerate these raw, so sometimes I will add them to my salad, but generally, I cook them with my protein.  I also love love love them on my pizza – chicken, roasted red pepper, broccoli, garlic, hot peppers (Mod Pizza is the best and they have non-dairy cheese)… I’m getting hungry!! The mini peppers in the picture are really good also, but I’m just as good with the normal sized ones!

44.  Brussel sprouts

I have loved Brussel sprouts since I was a kid and we ate frozen ones.  I never had fresh ones until a friend brought them to a Thanksgiving dinner at my house maybe 12 years ago.  They were the most amazing thing ever.  My husband was always anti-Brussel sprout (and cauliflower, but we haven’t progressed as far with that), but now he loves them, especially ones from a particular Houston steakhouse he goes to for work.  He also makes them at home for us – the fresh ones!  I’ve never been great at it, so I’ll still settle for the frozen kind, but the fresh ones are the best!

45.  Onions

I will not eat raw onions, unless they’ve sat in a pico de gallo for a long time, but I love cooked onions, especially the sautéed kind.  A long time ago, I made these oven baked onion rings and they were so good! I need to find the recipe and make them again!!  Onions are a great seasoning in everything and you don’t even know they’re there (that’s definitely a mom-ism because, as a kid, I would not eat onions willingly, and I heard that my entire childhood).  My favorites are the big, yellow, vidalia sweet onions.

46.  Seapoint Farms Organic Edamame Spaghetti

I gave an example marinara sauce and suggested spiraled squash, but sometimes, you just want spaghetti.  I tend to be anti-soy, but I don’t have problems with non-GMO soy.  Anything that’s listed as “organic” must contain, by law, less than 5% GMO derived ingredients.  If substances contain the Non-GMO Project label, they must be less than 0.9% GMO derived ingredients.  This product has both.  Granted, I don’t know how this is regulated, but at least they’re making the effort.

Ingredients:  Organic soybeans

47.  Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop Sea Salt Popcorn

This is the most basic of the Boom Chicka products, and to be honest, I didn’t check them all.  There are also other brands of low ingredient popcorns that are available, I just like the the simplicity of this one.  This is a much better alternative to movie theatre popcorn, even if it’s technically against the rules to sneak it in!  It’s against my rules to eat fake stuff, so it works both ways.  See Black Listed Foods: Movie Theatre Popcorn for more information on why you really want to try this stuff!  No flavacol, TBHQ, or partially hydrogenated soybean oil here!!

Ingredients:  Popcorn, sunflower oil, sea salt

48.  Kettle Brand Himalayan Salt Chips

Growing up, I ate a ton of Frito-Lay brand products because we had a truck right outside of our home.  I was fortunate enough to get a scholarship from PepsiCo to help with my college expenses.  I have always been brand loyal to Frito-Lay and think they have the best chips on the market (well, I do love me some Zapp’s too).  Unfortunately, I have had to cut back on the Salsa Verde Doritos and Jalapeño Cheetos, as painful as that has been.  These are the best limited ingredient chips on the market, hands down!  But, they’re still carbs, so I can’t personally over do them!

Ingredients:  Potatoes, avocado oil, Himalayan sea salt

49.  Naturally Bare Apple Chips

I had no idea these existed until just recently!  They’re kinda pricy and you don’t get a lot, but you can’t beat the idea!  Fruit chips that basically only contain the dried fruit (and maybe cinnamon).  They come in flavors I wouldn’t eat, like coconut and beet (no, I haven’t tried those, so they’re likely better than I imagine), but several others that I would!  Simple and perfect

Fuji and Reds Ingredients:  Apples

Granny Smith Ingredients:  Apples

Cinnamon Apple Ingredients:  Apples, cinnamon

Banana Ingredients:  Banana

Banana Cinnamon Ingredients:  Banana, cinnamon

50.  Central Market Organic Kombucha

Maybe I’m crazy, but I think this stuff tastes pretty good.  My husband definitely disagrees!  I am becoming more and more pro-vinegar every day.  It seems to have a protective effect against insulin in the body.  Kombucha isn’t exactly vinegar, but it’s similar, vinegar is acetic acid that comes from fermented ethanol and Kombucha is fermented tea.  I have experiments with various Kombucha drinks and am not to the point where I drink it al of the time, but I am definitely a fan.  There are several brands and varieties that are acceptable, and you could even make your own (I personally would not).  It does have some sugar, but it’s a fermented drink, so it kinda has to by definition.  I’m also grateful for the added juice as it makes it drinkable.  This stuff is supposedly really good for the gut.  Spirulina and Chlorella are not in all of the Korbucha drinks, just this one, but it makes me remember that as a teenager, I went on a kick of taking blue-green algae supplements.  Both Spirulina and Chlorella are algae and supposedly have health benefits.  I’ll have to look more into the validity of that later!

Ingredients in Pineapple Spirulina Kombucha:  Organic kombucha (spring water, organic sugar, organic black tea), organic pineapple juice concentrate, organic spirulina, organic chlorella.

Half way done!! 50 down, 50 to go!!

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