Discontinuation of 100 Go-To Foods

Creating a list of 100 go-to foods was one of my 90-day goals; however, 50 days in, I am going to stop progressing on this goal (I have been halfway through for a couple of weeks now). I have noticed that I don’t have time or the desire to go find these food items, and more importantly, I’m not as interested in eating these prepared food items. I could continue the items with pictures of real food, but honestly, I think most people recognize that fruits, vegetables, and quality meats are good for you.

When I started this program, I just assumed I would be craving convenience food, but the reality is, I haven’t. A while back, I bought a bunch of snack food from Thrive Market, but I’ve not eaten it at the pace that I expected to. I have used the popcorn (btw, Lesser Evil Avocado-Licious Popcorn is the bomb, it’s the best stuff I’ve snuck into the theatre to avoid Movie Theatre Popcorn – I just didn’t add it to my list because it came from a website, not a grocery store), but have yet to open the cookies, candy, and chips that I was dying to try.

It’s crazy… I don’t even really desire to eat out anymore. And, usually when I do, I make good choices and have minimal problems. We went to Mexican the other night and I got fajitas. I ate the rice and the beans (no tortillas), but they were just eh… The fajitas were good, but I preferred them the next day as leftovers added to my salad, at home.

Speaking of Mexican food… I have now had three salads that had cheese on them, and have successfully eaten queso twice. I have had no issues with the dairy. I don’t know what to make of this, but I am not complaining!!

That reminds me… One day, I was really struggling with my one-day fast, for emotional reasons. I had an avocado and that worked for a while, but it didn’t hold me. Later that afternoon, I had an RxBar, but that just wasn’t as good as I remember it being. It did get me a little further, however. I managed to crumble that night and had a margarita, chips and queso and a taco, while I sat at the bar at Torchy’s and tried to understand my emotional desire to eat. Luckily, that’s become the exception, not the rule… I digress a little, but I wanted to be open about this.

Basically, I just want to eat at home, and cook – yes, you read that right… I am actually enjoying preparing my own food! The other thing I have enjoyed is getting deals on the expensive produce and meat I wouldn’t usually buy. I have been going to the grocery store more frequently, and will buy whatever produce or quality meat is marked down 50%/25% (respectively) for quick sale and I prepare that for my meal. It’s been great. I’m also okay with eating leftovers because, let’s face it, my family isn’t inhaling my healthy food at the pace I hoped.

I’ve thought about what to do with my 100 Go-To Foods goal and I’ve decided that I really don’t need it. I crave healthy food. I am okay with fasting when the choices aren’t what I desire or feel my body needs. And, when I really want something that’s unhealthy, I eat it and then fast a little longer to account for that. I really feel like I am gaining a sense of balance over my life and control over my eating (Torchy’s example notwithstanding, but those things will happen from time to time).

Since I have chosen to remove a goal, I decided to add one back in its place… I brainstormed goals back in January. I will add – “Increase knowledge of physiological processes related to obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, etc. and counsel friends on what I learned.” Don’t worry, I’m not going to force anything down people’s throat, but I have been learning a lot through my formal coursework, as well as extracurricular reading. I think it’s better to focus on the natural biological processes than falling back into my former goal of trying to hack food to eat what I want and still be healthy. Maybe I’m maturing, at least a little…

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