1st 90-Day Challenge – Goal 5 Met

When I started this 90-day journey, I came up with five goals that I shared. They were as follows:

  1. “Have an abdomen measurement of less than 30 inches”.
  2. “Develop a derailment plan that will successfully get me back on the wagon when I lose focus.”
  3. “Exercise at least 150 minutes per week and enjoy it.”
  4. “No longer need to take nerve pain medication.”
  5. “Find 100 go-to foods for emergencies.” This goal was revised two months in to be “Increase knowledge of physiological processes related to obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, etc. and counsel friends on what I learn.” You can read more about the change here.

My 4th post in this series will cover Goal 5.  This was a half and half goal that I changed mid-way through my challenge.  You can read about my 50 Go-To foods in the following 5 blogs: Go-To Foods, 1-10Go-To Foods, 11-20Go-To Foods, 21-30Go-To Foods, 31-40, and Go-To Foods, 41-50.  I have also found some amazing non-GMO snacks from Thrive Market that I will have to include at some point!

I will tell you about the second version of the Goal in this blog.

I have been taking college courses and considering medical school, as there is a program locally that will start in 2020 and the inaugural class of 30 will be tuition-free.  You can read more about that in my Quick Update blog.  This semester, I have been taking Anatomy and Physiology as two 8-week intensive courses.  I finished the first course in March and am currently in the second one.  While the pace of the courses is fast (considering my other obligations and other course), I truly love the subject matter.

I’ve also been reading books and blogs by a number of doctors, most importantly Dr. Jason Fung, who has taught me so much about fasting, metabolic research, and even gave me a new perspective on cancer that I had never considered, all for free on his blog: IDM Program Blog.  I have read two of his books, “The Obesity Code” and “The Complete Guide to Fasting”, and when I catch up on my other books, I look forward to reading “The Longevity Solution.  Other books I am reading are:  “Salt Sugar Fat – How the Food Giants Hooked Us,” by Michael Moss; “Undoctored,” by Dr. William Davis; “Pure, White, and Deadly,” by John Yudkin, rereleased by Dr. Robert Lustig; and of course, the first book that opened my eyes to metabolic syndrome, the $5 bargain basement book I bought at Christmas, “The Blood Sugar Solution,” by Dr. Mark Hyman (you can read my take on that in my Metabolic Triad – Insulin, Who Knew… blog).

The other blogs and websites I frequent include: Diet DoctorPeter Attia MD, and a blog that my doctor told me about, from another self-researcher, called Cholesterol Code.  I also read a lot of research papers, opinions, and blogs that I may or may not find useful.

I figured I would give credit where it was due because everything I am learning does not come from within myself.  I love to learn and I have learned so much over these past 90-days (and even before that, as my research predates this challenge).  Regardless of what path my future takes, whether it be medical school, or maybe I can find a way to keep my day job, use my background, or a new “degree” or “certification” and help people become successful in their metabolic pursuits in partnership with a doctor (because I certainly would never want to offer medical advice without the appropriate credentials or work relationship), one thing I know is that I will continue to research and learn.

My blog is one outflow of that desire to learn and share.  My husband, friends, and even strangers sometimes, are another outflow.  I guess when you start changing your life for the better, you want to share it with anyone who will listen.  I generally share blogs, movies, books, or articles with people because I don’t want to be mistaken for offering medical advice.  I also always recommend that my friends make metabolic changes within the context of their patient-doctor relationship, as I have.  I believe that it’s especially important for people who want to reduce the medication in their life.  The great thing is, I have a fantastic direct primary care doctor to refer people to, if they need true medical advice.

A couple of my friends and colleagues have joined me on this journey.  They’ve all been successful in their own goals.  One friend has lost 40-pounds and attends yoga as often as I do.  Another friend has broken a major milestone in weight and is learning so much about how high carbohydrate foods influence her blood sugar.  Another friend has embraced fasting for spiritual and nutritional reasons and feels released from the bondage of unhealthy food.  My husband has also jumped on board with intermittent fasting!

My friends, like me, have more changes they want to make, but I am so proud of the weight they have lost, how their mindsets have changed, and how one friend, in particular, has completely reversed her need for insulin.  These people are now spreading the word about the nutritional approaches that I have used to change my health, and now people, who I haven’t said anything to, are asking me about Dr. Fung or other doctors whose research has been instrumental in changing my long seeded beliefs about health and wellness.  At work, it’s been contagious, so much so that I asked to become a collateral duty fitness coordinator and be trained accordingly.

I don’t know what the future holds, but I have always been the kind of person who shares what I find important to people who are important to me (as well as with total strangers).  I have a passion for helping people become healthy and that’s what this blog has always been about.  When I started it in 2017, I knew a lot about nutrition and exercise, but I wasn’t really great about the implementation.  In a way, I think that’s good because it shows that researching, reading, and knowledge aren’t always enough to be successful in your health pursuits.  I definitely have had my ups and downs metabolically in my 40s, but that’s also important, as it helps me relate to other people who are struggling.  It may seem like this 90-days was a breeze, but it wasn’t, and more than that, these changes I have made are two years in the making, as this is the first time I’ve been able to be successful despite all of my efforts.  I am thrilled that in this first 90-days I have started making modifications in my diet and lifestyle that will lead to lasting changes that benefit my health.  I have plans for my next 90-days, but I’ll tell you more about those once this challenge is complete.

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