1st 90-Day Challenge – Goal 1 Not Met

When I started this 90-day journey, I came up with five goals that I shared. They were as follows:

  1. “Have an abdomen measurement of less than 30 inches”.
  2. “Develop a derailment plan that will successfully get me back on the wagon when I lose focus.”
  3. “Exercise at least 150 minutes per week and enjoy it.”
  4. “No longer need to take nerve pain medication.”
  5. “Find 100 go-to foods for emergencies.” This goal was revised two months in to be “Increase knowledge of physiological processes related to obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, etc. and counsel friends on what I learn.” You can read more about the change here.

I literally had to wait until the last day of this challenge to discuss Goal 1.  This is my last goal to describe because I was hoping to miraculously meet it, but I didn’t.  No worries at all, I am more than pleased with my success in this area.  Honestly, this goal was incredibly overambitious.  I never considered how long it should take to reduce inches in my abdomen, so this definitely should have been a longer term goal.

I’m going to share an embarrassing secret with you (well, I already shared it in my One Month Update!), but my abdomen measurement started at 39.6″, which happened to be a half inch larger than my hips (I didn’t even know that was possible)!  I was incredibly bloated and had a long history of being bloated.  I was miserable!

I came up with the 30″ goal before I fully appreciated how much help my mid-section needed.  It just sounded like a good number to achieve!

At the start of this challenge, my waist was 37.9″; no wonder none of my pants fit comfortably!  The smallest measurement on my body has always been my under bust measurement (not sure why it’s smaller than my waist, but alas…), which was 35″.  If that doesn’t illustrate my recurring issue with bloating, I don’t know what could.

My weekly measurements didn’t go decrease consistently, as poor nutritional choices still appear to lead to bloating.  But, overall, the trend has been excellent.  After three months using my measurements, not the 3D results, for consistency):

My abdomen is at 32.5″ (decrease of 7.1″)

My waist is at 31.3″ (decrease of 6.6″)

My under bust is still the smallest at 30.7″ (decrease of 4.3″)

I may not have officially met my goal, but these results more than exceeded my expectations.  I now fit in all of my former clothes, and had to get rid of many of my go-to emergency clothes that I bought to wear until I was fully ready to confront my expanding waistline.  I am motivated to keep forward on the course, as I never want to experience the constant bloating and misery of wearing “too tight” pants ever again.  While my other measurements have decreased as well, my mid-section was the most problematic, as that’s where I gain weight.  It also has always made it harder to just increase sizes when I do gain weight because fitting my stomach means the clothing is big in other areas.  I am thrilled to have lost the bloat, and while my waist has not become my smallest trunk measurement, it’s much closer to being that!

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