Clarified Focus

For this 90-days, I chose to use the InnerGuide planner and it was really an eye-opening experience. As I mentioned in My 2nd 90-Day Goals, I thought I knew what my goals would be before I started the planner, but they took a different path after I did. Now that I am a week into the 90-days, I am realizing the impact of my vision.

Every day, there is an exercise for the “One-Minute Visualization Challenge” where you are to refer to page 8 and “See it. Feel it. Believe it. Expect it.” Then you mark off when you “Did it!” I’ve referred to page 8 and have read my vision every day for a week…. I’m not sure it’s working. I think this exercise is supposed to bring clarity, focus, and encouragement. Instead, I feel like I have so far to go and don’t really see how to get there. That leads to discouragement and dismissal, which I am afraid will turn into hopelessness.

The problem I have with my vision is that, in some ways, my desires feel so off base from my reality. In other ways, however, I do believe I should be able to get there. Maybe my vision should be closer to my circumstances, but for some reason, it’s not. I just prayerfully wrote how I felt and what I desired.

Sometimes I feel that the chaos in my is overwhelming and it’s that chaos that leads me to struggle emotionally and nutritionally. It also raises my blood pressure and stress levels, causing trigger point pain. Oddly, life’s chaos does help me grow spiritually, as I tend to blame myself for my negative circumstances, not God. It’s like God is the author of good in my life and I must be at fault when things go wrong. Or, God is using allowing a negative situation to help me grow to be less sinful in my pursuits.

I recognize that true transformation can only come from within and the only circumstances I can control are my own. I need to do my part to make my vision attainable and then let go of the rest and trust God with it. Maybe then my vision will seem more peaceful and not so out of line with my reality.

I’m not sure why I felt led to share this today, but here is the vision I wrote, for what it’s worth.

I guess the purpose of this blog is that I am recognizing that our success, in whatever area of life, is tied to our goals and our vision. We need to embrace both in our journey.

What are your goals? Are they in line with your vision? Is your vision close to your reality or do you have a ways to go to get there?

If you don’t know where you’re going, it will likely be hard to get there. If where you want to go isn’t near to where you are, the changes you make might have to be in areas you never imagined. If you can’t change your current circumstances to align with your vision, it will likely be much harder to achieve your goals. That may bring in frustration and discontentment, which in my case, takes me in the complete wrong direction from my vision.

I think it’s key that all of these areas are in alignment with each other and our life. Then pursuit of our goals and attaining our vision will seem possible, even probable. This will help our daily pursuit become less of a struggle and more of a step forward towards our vision and purpose. We will look forward to every day because we see the progress we are making and how we are closer and closer to meeting our goals and achieving our vision.

So, we need to visualize, yes, but also make sure our goals and vision are realistic and attainable. If they’re not, we should do what we can to make them more achievable and let go of what we can’t change.

I’m talking to myself here…

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