Back in Control… Somewhat

The weekend was challenging, but I started to get back on track, as best I could, given my plans. I guess I technically didn’t have to eat that Movie Theatre Popcorn over the weekend; regardless, I’ve had three “good” days in a row (good meaning less than 50g of net carbs). My weight has recovered, but my blood pressure is still struggling.

As of this evening, this is where I stand with respect to blood pressure:

This is a plot directly from my OMRON app, and shows my daily averages. Systolic pressure is on top, diastolic on the bottom, both of which are in color. The black dots are my average pulse.

As an aside, when I show longer term data during this 90-days, it will be based on an average of six daily measurements, throwing out the high and the low and averaging the rest. This will be for minimizing variability to better see trends. But for today, this is an average including all daily measurements.

From this graph, you can see the population on the left contains green dots. Green dots mean my daily average (averaging all points measured on that day) is normal, which is less than 120/80 mmHg. That cluster on the left is before I started taking the DHEA supplements.

The orange and red to the right of that is once I started the DHEA supplements. Orange means stage 1 hypertension (bad) and red means stage 2 hypertension (worse). There seems to be a definite trend from mostly good to bad and worse after starting the DHEA. The lowest point on the DHEA side was the day after my birthday, the one day I forgot to take the supplement. This isn’t exactly the trend I was hoping for.

In addition, I’ve been feeling super emotional lately, despite attending yoga regularly and not having more stress than usual. Well, it’s probably best to say that the stress I am under is unchanged in the past couple of weeks. I’m definitely under stress, but that’s a given in my life, thus far. That’s why My 2nd 90-Day Goals include reducing stress and improving digestion. I’m starting to wonder if having those goals is like praying for peace – it brings conflict for you to work through to achieve peace!

I’m not happy with my blood pressure or my over-the-top emotions. I need to figure out what’s causing the problem! My money is on the DHEA because it’s raised my estrogen before and caused me to have a stronger emotional response. Increased blood pressure is also a documented side effect of DHEA supplementation.

Unfortunately, only time will tell if the DHEA is responsible for my issues. I hope whatever it is, I can figure it out in a timely fashion. I’m happy that my nutrition and weight are improving. I just don’t want to be a hypertensive, crazy person!!

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